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About Russ Parry

Born in the North West of England, Russ emigrated to Saskatchewan in March 2013 bringing with him an extensive knowledge in the transport industry, as well as knowledge in the areas of construction, business and online marketing.

Having owned and operated his own painting and restoration business for a number of years, in 2021, Russ decided to pursue a career in real estate, something he has had a keen interest in for a long time.

Russ is committed to listening to his client’s needs and providing the highest quality service as possible. He believes in honesty and understands the importance of communication.

Outside of the office, Russ is an active member of the Regina Lakeside Lions, involving himself with fundraising for both local community organizations and international causes. In his spare time, Russ enjoys spending time with his family and friends, traveling and attending local sporting events such as the Riders, Pats and Regina Red Sox games.

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